The Ragged Jubilee is a Garage Blues band based in San Luis Obispo, CA. They gather influence from various decades and genres of music, from artists ranging from Buddy Guy to Black Sabbath, and Booker T to ODB. Embracing the raw sound and energy of classic rock, they have created their own style and passion for anything that gets feet stompin' and bodies moving. Live shows are filled with a booming bass/rhythm section, and powerful guitar. But what really makes it a unique experience is the expressive power of lead singer Ethan Burns. His vocals are driven with a soulful introspection that you will feel. No show is exactly the same but the band is always guaranteed to bring relentless energy and musicianship that is impossible to ignore and is both unique and powerful.


Vocals, Guitar / Ethan Burns
Bass, Vocals, Lap Steel / Chandler Haynes
Drums / Aaron Wick
Guitar / Austin I'Anson 



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The Ragged Jubilee is Back! Starting March 6th. Look forward to a new album coming soon. 



Teenage Dream EP

by The Ragged Jubilee